Event Submission Procedure

To submit an event  for inclusion in the next issue of our newsletter, send an e-mail to the editor at: FriedmanJM43@gmail.com using the following guidelines.

  1. Title of your event (in Arial font, 10 point, bolded and underlined.

  2. Weekday (i.e., Saturday), Month, Day & Time

  3. Name of leader with phone number & e-mail address

  4. A paragraph describing the event should include the following:
         a) Directions to where to meet
         b) Rating system - level of effort, if applicable (http://www.hikanbyke.org/Rating.htm)
         c) Car pooling information, if applicable (http://www.hikanbyke.org/aCarpool.htm)
         d) Whether rain cancels or not.

  5. Your contact phone number and/or e-mail are required in the event there are any questions regarding your submission.

    To see a sample of what's required, check the current newsletter by clicking  'Current Newsletter' in the menu section to the left and scroll down to the first month's events.

All Event Leaders should also print out the "Accident Waiver & Release Of Liability Form" and have your attendees fill out the information. Return the completed form to the Hikanbyke Activity Coordinator at the address on the form.




Hikanbyke is a non-profit group of friends, dedicated to sharing the enjoyment of activities, such as biking, hiking, skiing, jogging, dining, camping, and social events in a supportive non-threatening atmosphere. Membership in Hikanbyke is open to all. 

The photo on the left was taken by Jeanette Dothee at the top of Vernal Fall in Yosemite about 1995 on a Hikanbyke outing.

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