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Memorial Bench

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Memorial Bench

Ten years ago the Hikanbyke cycling and hiking group in the Bay Area sponsored a Memorial Bench at an East Bay Regional Park to commemorate those friends who are now deceased. Each year we do a hike and/or bike ride to the bench to remember those friends.  We want to thank Joanne L., our Hikanbyke historian, who puts together photos and stories so we can reminisce about good times over the past 25 years with our Hikanbyke friends.  If you are aware of anyone who is not on this list, please send information to one of the Hikanbyke Coordinators listed in the newsletter.  We will add them to our list.

Update - July 17, 2018

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Hikanbyke members who are now deseased:
Otto Haubensak Mar 2001   Katie Smith Oct 2010   Dennis Carrington May 2014
Donald Uber Oct 2001   Margaret Livingston Nov 2010   Joan Maramonte Feb 2015
Ken Takayama July 2003   Karen Shannon Jan 2011   Claude Albert Baum "Al" Nov 2015
Fred Bock Feb 2006   Bob Barrows Jul 2011   Eric Tom Stephen Besag Jun 2016
Nancy Watson Feb 2006   Steve Stiefvater Feb 2011   Al Mercado   2016
Sally Cirimele Oct 2006   Peggy Royce/Knickerbocker Apr 2012   Robert Stanley   2016
Nancy Selk Apr 2007   Rudy Thorwirth May 2012   Champa Kripalani Sep 2017
Ed Stern Mar 2009   Lynne Orloff-Jones Fall 2012        



Hikanbyke is a non-profit group of friends, dedicated to sharing the enjoyment of activities, such as biking, hiking, skiing, jogging, dining, camping, and social events in a supportive non-threatening atmosphere.   Membership in Hikanbyke is open to all. 

The photo above was taken by Jeanette Dothee at the top of Vernal Fall in Yosemite about 1995 on a Hikanbyke trip.

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