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Palo Alto - Stanford - Woodside - Crystal Springs Bike Ride

Palo Alto - Stanford - Woodside - Crystal Springs Bike Ride (3A/B25+)

Sunday November 5 10:00 AM - Lead by: Niels Povlsen

We’ll begin our ride in Palo Alto, cruise through the beautiful Stanford campus, and meander up to Woodside where we can buy lunch at one of California’s best delis. We continue up Canada Road to the Pulgas Water Temple (photos below) where we will enjoy our picnic lunches.

This is a nice ride through some lovely countryside. Suitable for strong beginners. Bring water and helmet is required. Bring or buy food. Note, we have a new starting place with bathrooms. Meet us at the Alexander Peers Park at the corner of Stanford Avenue and Park Blvd. There is plenty street parking. Call Niels if you can’t find us.

Photos submitted by: Carolyn Mason

Click on image below to enlarge


Photo Credit
Jeannette Dothee



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The photo on the left was taken at the top of Vernal Fall in Yosemite about 1995 on a Hikanbyke trip.

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